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Gym Fintech unlocks your gym business success

Members manage their own gym subscription

  • with smartphone app or online

    • signup and onboarding

    • selection of membership offering

    • payment frequency, pauses, cancellations

within constraints you choose!

Reduce your administration workload and costs.


Real-time payments

  • Gym Fintech uses the Akahu open finance system

  • gyms receive same day payments directly from their members

  • Akahu checks accounts for funds before initiating payments

  • this eliminates failed or late payment fees


Instant, frictionless physical access

  • users unlock your gym doors using the Gym Fintech app

  • Android and iOS apps available

  • uses Bluetooth and NFC (near field communications)

  • no cards or fobs to issue

  • in-app biometrics restrict membership use to one user


Gym management backend

  • view and manage members

  • view visits and manage access control

  • monitor growth and progress over time

  • analyze and strategize based on real-time data

Who we are

We are Gym Innovations Ltd, a research and development company focused on innovations in the gym and fitness industries.

We are fitness professionals, personal trainers and gym owners based in New Zealand and Australia.

Our newest product, Gym Fintech, is a gym management system, with associated mobile and web applications, that operates on Akahu's fintech backbone in NZ.


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