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Manage your own gym subscription

  • sign up on your phone (or from your gym's wepage)

  • no lock-in contracts

  • no setup, joining, penalty, late payment or cancellation fees


You're in control!


Gym Fintech unlocks access to your local participating gym


Unlock the door of your gym with your phone

Download our app for iPhone or Android phone to unlock the door of your participating gym.

This uses Bluetooth or NFC (near field communication) to communicate between your phone and the door.

Safe and secure

Gym Fintech uses Akahu's NZ-based open finance platform

This allows you to pay your gym subscription directly from your bank account.

Neither Gym Fintech or your gym have access to your bank account.  You're in control!


Information for gym owners

Gym Fintech allows your members to sign up and manage their own gym subscription on their smartphones.

Reduce admin time and costs.

Gym Fintech also includes a comprehensive backend application to manage your members and their access to your gym.

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